The Artist


Artist Bio:

My life began the same way anyone else's does, crawling around on all fours exploring the world around me. Once able to walk, my father passed on his love of nature to my brother and I. Our weekly trips to the family farm accustomed us with the Missouri outdoors; and, allowed my father to pass on the knowledge and abilities of a bucolic Midwesterner. These experiences could never have been had had I been planted in front of a television. Now having added a few tick marks to the door frame of life, I still find myself scouting for new and fascinating areas. I'm always trying to capture stunning sunsets, sunrises, and the rarely seen nooks and crannies. Now that my backdrop is Colorful Colorado, an area filled with jaw dropping hikes and breathtaking wilderness, my passion for photography has snowballed into a deeply, emotional journey to expose the world to sights unseen. So take a peek at what few others have seen, and visualize the outdoors through my perspective. But keep checking in because just like the mountain weather, my gallery is ever changing. Enjoy!


Artist statement:

Mother Nature is the cliché descriptor for everything from granite capped mountain tops to lush green tropical forests. Wilderness, in my mind, is a more suitable term for the outdoors. Wilderness emits the feeling of the unknown and that anything could happen at any moment. It evokes the idea of nature being exactly what it is, wild. An unpredictable animal one moment, and the next something so beautiful you can do nothing but stand in awe.

Unless you are within those elements, chances are the only vantage you have is from in front of your television monitor or your computer screen. But that is no way to experience the wild in all its grandeur. In viewing my photos, my hope is that you are enlivened with emotion and motivation to the point that you actually seek out the wild beauty for yourself. Jacob Routzahn Fine Art Photography is my way of ensuring that beauty surrounds you, maybe from where you least expect it.